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RelaDyne to Showcase Varnish Mitigation at MRO Expo 2016

May 3, 2016, Cincinnati, Ohio – RelaDyne, one of the nation’s leading providers of lubricants, fuel, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), and industrial reliability services, will be showcasing its Varnish Mitigation services at the upcoming MRO Expo on June 7-9, 2016, in Rosemont, Illinois.

Varnish is the buildup of oil degradation products that coat the critical components of lubricating and hydraulic oil systems. Due to changes in base oil chemistry in today’s innovative lubricants, varnish has become a major issue throughout the industrial world. Many times, since varnish is not typically detectible through traditional oil analysis procedures, lubricating oil varnish problems go unnoticed until failures occur. Operators will see problems including sticking valves, increased bearing temperatures, O-ring and seal failures, reduced machine production and output quality, and rapid filter plugging, to name a few.

To combat the varnish epidemic, RelaDyne has developed a patent-pending oil processing solution to remove harmful varnish from oil and lubrication systems without requiring equipment downtime. This turnkey RelaDyne process, known as Varnish Mitigation, is part of RelaDyne’s Reliability Services division – helping customers achieve lubrication reliability through customized solutions. With RelaDyne’s proven Varnish Mitigation technology, customers have seen increased reliability, reduced servo valve and component failures, and increased pump and bearing life, all without negative impact to production. Many customers have experienced substantially improved machine performance in a little as eight hours after the start of the process.

“We’ve seen game-changing results from Varnish Mitigation technology in an industry that has struggled with varnish for decades,” states Doug Muennich, RelaDyne Business Development Manager of Varnish Mitigation. “With the implementation of this process, we’ve seen the resurrection of machines that were headed for the scrap yard.”

With proven data and customer testimonials from some of the largest US injection molding companies, RelaDyne is showcasing Varnish Mitigation (Booth 230) at this year’s upcoming Maintenance, Repair, and Operations Expo. MRO Expo is an annual exposition featuring the necessary maintenance, repair, and operating equipment, services, and supplies a plastics manufacturer needs to keep a shop floor operating efficiently. Produced by the same team that brings you NPE: The International Plastics Showcase, MRO Expo will provide a one-stop location for plastics manufacturers to research, specify, assess and price annual MRO equipment, supply, and services.

“We are excited to bring this technology to the people who need it most,” says Larry Stoddard, RelaDyne CEO. “We know varnish is a daily battle, and we’re here to make the fight easier for our customers.”

Join RelaDyne at Booth 230 at MRO Expo by registering for your free guest pass here.

Muennich to Speak on Hydraulic Fluid Failures at Reliable Plant 2016

March 31, 2016, Cincinnati, Ohio
– RelaDyne, one of the nation’s leading providers of lubricants, fuel, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), and industrial reliability services, will be exhibiting its latest Varnish Mitigation services at the upcoming Reliable Plant Conference & Exhibition. With more than 150,000 square feet of exhibit hall space and 75+ learning sessions and workshops, the Reliable Plant Conference covers every facet of industrial lubrication, oil analysis and reliability in one three-day event, held this year April 5-7 in Louisville, Kentucky.

Doug Muennich, RelaDyne Varnish Mitigation specialist, will be presenting an informative session on “The Real Reasons Why Hydraulic Fluids Fail.” With 30 years of experience as a lubrication engineer focusing on oil degradation and varnish mitigation, Doug has been instrumental in introducing varnish mitigation technology into the gas turbine and power generation markets worldwide. During his extensive lubrication career, Doug spent 5 years studying the products of oil oxidation and the formation of varnish with Dr. Akira Sasaki of Kleentek Japan. Doug has been recognized as a Certified Lubrication Specialist (CLS) through the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE) for the last 10 years.

Doug’s presentation on April 7 will explore the various mechanisms causing hydraulic fluid degradation and the most effective methods for detecting and avoiding premature fluid failure. “Hydraulic oils are subjected to increased stresses in today’s modern systems,” says Muennich. “Many of these problems can be addressed through proper oil analysis techniques.”

At Booth 221, RelaDyne will be exhibiting the company’s latest reliability solutions, including its patent-pending varnish removal process, known as Varnish Mitigation, which removes harmful system varnish from lubrication systems. The process addresses varnish as a holistic approach to remove lubricating oil varnish and system varnish without interrupting customer production, bringing long-term varnish solutions to RelaDyne customers.

“We look forward to showcasing our varnish mitigation solutions and sharing our knowledge with Reliable Plant attendees,” says Dan Oehler, RelaDyne Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We know many industrial companies battle varnish daily, and we are excited for the opportunity to discuss our solutions with them.”

Join RelaDyne and Turbo Filtration, LLC at Reliable Plant 2016.

RelaDyne Acquires Parker Oil Company of Kansas/Missouri

January 7, 2016, Cincinnati, Ohio – RelaDyne, one of the nation’s leading providers of lubricants, fuel, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), and industrial reliability services, begins its sixth year as an integrated business by acquiring Parker Oil Co., Inc., a family-owned lubricant distributor headquartered in Wichita, Kansas.

For more than 75 years, Parker Oil has serviced automotive and commercial companies with quality lubricants, chemicals, and automotive products, building strong business to business relationships with its customers. As part of RelaDyne, Parker Oil will strategically expand RelaDyne’s geographic reach into northern Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri.

Parker Oil customers can continue to expect the same level of exceptional customer service and will soon have additional avenues of interaction with Parker Oil, including access to RelaDyne Express, RelaDyne’s online ordering and account management platform. Customers will be able to place orders and access invoice data anytime, anywhere.

Jim Selenke will continue as General Manager of the RelaDyne-Parker Oil locations. “Parker Oil is very excited to become part of the RelaDyne family,” states Selenke. “We look forward to the opportunity to continue to provide our customers with the same level of products and services they have come to expect from us for more than 50 years. With this change, we are excited to be able to offer our loyal customers a more expanded line of products and services, which will be afforded to us as part of the RelaDyne team.”

Jeff Hart, Executive Vice President of Business Development for RelaDyne, commented on the acquisition, “This acquisition is the result of our team’s continuous execution of our acquisition strategy. RelaDyne continues to be the partner of choice for many companies in the fuel, lubricant, and services business. This transaction is the first of many for 2016 as we continue to create a national platform.”

“The Parker acquisition is a great way to start the New Year,” states Larry Stoddard, President and CEO of RelaDyne. “We welcome their customers and associates and cannot wait to introduce our products and services to new markets.”

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