About Turbo Filtration

Turbo Filtration, LLC (TFC), a RelaDyne Company, was founded by Mike Enger, who carries over 30 years of experience in turbine and industrial cleaning. Our deep commitment and understanding of our customers’ needs have made us the supplier of choice for OEMs, Asset Owners and Contractors across the USA and abroad.

After joining the RelaDyne family in August 2014, TFC and its associates continue to be the nation’s leader in flushing and filtration services in multiple industries. With the home office located in Mobile, Alabama, TFC provides 24/7 high quality turbine generator lube oil system cleaning services for all types of turbines, compressors, and diesel engines. Our services extend but are not limited to new construction, normal planned outages, emergency outages, and plant restoration projects.

With a dedicated and exceptional team of people, we provide high velocity oil flushing, hydroblasting, EHC flushing, chemical flushing, oil analysis, and consulting services. We offer rental equipment, filtration skids, oil dehydration equipment, and customized equipment solutions to fit your needs.

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RelaDyne and TFC

RelaDyne, one of the nation’s leading providers of lubricants, fuel, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), and industrial reliability services, acquired Turbo Filtration, LLC, in August 2014 to expand its geographic footprint in the industrial reliability industry. RelaDyne’s footprint of more than 25 locations is strategically located within the central corridor of the US, an area that represents approximately 50 percent of the US lubricant market and collectively has had a rich history of building long-term, mutually profitable client relationships.

With the acquisition of TFC, RelaDyne has been able to catapult into markets previously untouched and offer quality services and solutions to fit customer needs. In conjunction, TFC has been able to offer products and an expanding array of services and support to its customers through RelaDyne’s distribution channels and its services division, Field Reliability Management.

Products, Services, & Capabilities

Solutions to Keep You Operating at Optimal Performance

Whatever your system cleaning needs, Turbo Filtration has the solution. Browse our site for information on specific services or contact us for details to fit any project.

Equipment Rentals

  • Vacuum Dehydrator Rentals
  • Portable Filtration Equipment
  • Custom-fabricated Equipment Available


  • High Velocity Flushing
  • Nuclear Power Services
  • Varnish Mitigation Service
  • Heat Transfer System Flushing
  • Bearing and Return Line Flushing
  • EHC and MHC System Flushing
  • Oil System Hydroblasting
  • Cooler Cleaning and Retubing
  • Compressor Flushing
  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Initial Fill Service
  • Oil Reclamation Service
  • Emergency Water and Particulate Removal Service
  • Oil Filtration Service
  • Laboratory Services
  • Custom Fabrication

Engineering, Training, and Consulting

  • Contamination Investigation
  • Lubricant Procedure Training
  • Lubrication Surveys
  • Oil Sample Collection and Analysis
  • Vibration Collection and Analysis


  • Barrier seal fluids
  • Biodegradable lubricants
  • Chemical cleaners
  • Coatings/rust preventatives
  • Compressor lubricants
  • Fire resistant and EHC hydraulic oils
  • Flushing fluids
  • Heat transfer fluids
  • Industrial lubricants and coolants
  • Marine and locomotive oils
  • Metal working fluids
  • Mist lubricants
  • Specialty products and chemicals
  • Synthetic oils and greases
  • Transformer oils
  • Turbine oils
  • Vapor phase inhibitor fluids

Service Spotlight

Lubrication and Chemical Cleaning excellence to keep your facility operating efficiently.

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Nuclear Services

Resources, solutions, and technology to support the lifecycle of nuclear power facilities.

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Custom Equipment

TFC can design, build, and fabricate specialized equipment to fit your needs.

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